A faded square photograph of an elderly white woman standing in front of a weathered camper.

Mabel on the Road

Personal digital genealogy project following my great grandmother's cross-country trips in the 1970s.

Digitization/Social Media/Postcustodial

Digital Imaging Database

Preservation minded institution looking for digitization services? This database is for you!


Preservation Quest!

A series of tutorials on managing your own digital legacy. Archives for all!

Digital Archives/Postcustodial


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In one episode, a spacebound psuedo-Mayan pyramid turns Data into a repository for every person and every god of a dead civilization. In another eisode,the memories of an ancient kingdom's last days spread like a virus and the crew of Deep Space Nine is almost destroyed by remembered feuds. That's not how archives work. Maybe it should be? These are the voyages of one attempt to recreate the "ancient archives" presented in terrible 90s science fiction...

Elizabeth is a trained archivist and reference librarian, an amateur geneaologist, and a science-fiction enthusiast. Memory Work in Progess is a landing pad for several experiments in digital and postcustodial archiving. Marketing is not my main line, but I do offer consultations to families and individuals looking to preserve their digital lives. Contact me for pricing and further information.