About Elizabeth

An image of Elizabeth presenting a poster at the Society of American Archivists 2019 Convention.

Early-career MSIS professional based in Austin, Texas with a focus in collaborative digital library and archives programs.

With five years practical experience as a library clerk and digitization technician, I have focused my education on areas such as preservation planning, budget and grant writing, and the tools of digital asset management and project management, with the goal of acquiring the business skills to strengthen the digital programs of nonprofit and government libraries and archives. With my strong background in traditional archival processing and library reference, I am as comfortable engaging in face-to-face reference work as I am developing a scanning project workflow or a metadata schema.

My personal philosophy of knowledge work derives from the motto of my undergraduate institution: “Non Satis Non Scire” or “To Know Is Not Enough”. To my mind, gaining knowledge is only the beginning; to know is to be required to teach, to act, and to continue to learn. In that spirit, I am always interested in proposals for projects relating to the following areas: post-custodial archives, community archives, digitization grants, accessibility issues within digital archives, public history in digital media.

In my free time, I write science fiction and read audiobooks for Librivox. I also build puppets.

Projects and Other Work

Texas Digital Library's Digital Imaging Inventory

Collaborative project surveying digitization needs of TDL member institutions and creating a tool to match libraries and archives with digitization providers.

Digitization/Project Management

The Rainey Controversy at the University of Texas

Digital public history exhibit on the hidden political history of the University of Texas.

Digitization/Public History

Pease School Archive Project

A group effort to document and save the history of the oldest elementary school in Texas with a group of fifth graders.

Project Management/Archival Processing